What is Darknet-NG?

Darknet-NG is an In-Person Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO-RPG),

Players take on the Persona of an Agent

Then is sent on Quests to learn real skills and gain in-game points

Building from basic concepts, we teach agents about a range of topics from Lock-picking, to using and decoding ciphers, to Electronics 101, just to name a few, all while also helping to connect them to the larger DEF CON Community.

The “Learning Quests” help the agent gather knowledge from all across the other villages at the conference, while the “Challenge Quests” help hone their skills! 

There is skill tree of personal knowledge to obtain, community to connect with and memories to make!


Darknet-NG 13 Badge

Get Ready for the Darknet 13 DIY Badge! 🌟 This Year We’re Bringing You an Off-Grid Experience with Commercially Off-The-Shelf Hardware & Open Source Software! 🌟 🔧 3D Printed Case + Custom Mods to Create Read more…