We are looking for individuals interested in creating content or helping volunteer to work with Darknet-NG!

  • Art (Drawn or AI)
    • Create art for website, printed postcard, stickers, 
  • Booth Person
    • Welcome passer-bye, Answer question about what the contest is, help field question about quests
  • Quest Writer
    • Creator of quest, Teacher of Knowledge
  • Quest NPC
    • Hint sheet, and someone to interact with
  • Quest Reviewer
    • Go through the quest BEFORE the conference as Quality Assurance 
  • Story Arc
    • Help tie in the Daemon and the future story ark
  • Content Creator
    • Help create video’s art, and 
  • Physical Logistics/Runner
    • Need to place nfc tags, go grab food or networking cables

If any of these positions or something else to make the contest awesome tickles your fancy, please fill out this google form to let us know!



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