We are always looking for new folks to help with the Darknet-NG contest.

We need all types of help at DEFCON and/or year round.

We have a working list of roles and some of the responsibilities associated with them.

  • Demo Dan – Player
    • Act as the mouthpiece at the DEFCON booth
    • Hand out Fliers 
    • Hand out Stickers
    • Give 30 Second Elevator Pitch
  • Booth Badger – Player
    • Demonstrate badge
    • Flash badges
    • Possibly assist with solder/debugging
  • Quest Helper (NPC) – Non-player, depends on amount/completion
    • Assistance with table quests
    • Provide table quest QR code handout
  • Gopher  – Player
    • random Help needed at DEFCON
    • If we need someone to grab lunch for the Ops
    • If we need an random cable 
    • If we need something from a store
  • Quest Writer
    • Depends on backend access
    • If it is a Agent submitted Quest – 
    • Boss Quest writers (Non-Player)
    • Build out skill
  • Bug smasher – Non-player
    • Access to bug submission form and CTFd backend
    • Fix bugs
    • Award points to (non-spelling/grammar) fixes
  • Story and Art
    • Help create story for this year
    • Create theme for artwork
  • Badge Team – Pre-Con
    • Brainstorm idea for badge upgrades
    • Test and trial hardware
    • troubleshoot badge
    • Help create tutorials on badge flashing
  • Infrastructure (Meshtastic, Yggdrasisl, Self-Hosted)
    • Could be Player
      • Player read-only
      • Non-player write
    • Access to CTFd API would determine
    • Test & Dev CTFd instances
    • Reputation 
    • ? Skill tree tracking via CTFd + FreeIPA+ Database?
    • CTFd Theming

If you are interested in participating you can use this google form to let us know!


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