Get Ready for the Darknet 13 DIY Badge!

🌟 This Year We’re Bringing You an Off-Grid Experience with Commercially Off-The-Shelf Hardware & Open Source Software! 🌟

🔧 3D Printed Case + Custom Mods to Create Your Own Local Mesh Network! 🔧

Parts You Need to Buy:

🔍 Recommended Online Stores:

🕒 DEFCON 32 is Just Around the Corner! Parts Go In and Out of Stock Frequently, So Act Fast!


  • Heltec WiFi LoRa 32(V3) US915 MHz with SMA antenna and IPEX connector.
  • Rokland – $28.97 (Get a 5% Discount with Code “DARKNETNG-5” + Support the Meshtastic Project!)
    • For Darknet-NG Badge you want without plastic shell version comes with a little bit larger SMA antenna and IPEX connector.
    • For Non-Darknet Cases or a basic with the plastic shell version comes with this smaller antenna that fits in the case.
  • Amazon – $25.99
    • Be careful when ordering from other stores or from amazon because there are 2 different models
      • You want to order the LoRa 32 version, NOT the LoRaWAN
      • Arduino LoraWan IOT (Pack of 2), not Compatible with LoRa 32 V2



  • Releasing July 12th
  • 📂 Open Source Design for Printing
  • 🔧 Fully Modifiable/Customizable!
  • 🔗 Links to Our Github, Thingiverse & Printables

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  • 🖥️ Flashing the Software
  • 🖨️ 3D Printing Your Case
  • 🛠️ Building Your Badge
  • 💬 Setting Up Messaging
  • 🔧 And More!

To support our projects, we use Amazon and Rokland Affiliate links. Purchasing through these links helps us continue our mission.

🙏 If you’d like to donate to keep Darknet-NG online, please use this link to donate to OSSEM HOLON, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Thank you!

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